A mixed bag o’ links

I’m not sure why, but I stumbled across an eclectic mix this month … * An interesting historical perspective for a war that had no photographs * For those who are looking for images (of all kinds, and all free) * What were they thinking, letting the 50 Shades author answer questions … * Some … [Read more…]

Lean links

I’ve been traveling a lot, so links are lean this month. Sorry about that! * Literary jewelry. I need some. * Book art. Oh, I wish I was so talented… * I agree and disagree with a lot of this about the Rock Stars of the Romance World. * Why so many lawyers are romance … [Read more…]

April news — some fun, some hmm?

* Reading habits — interesting data about who buys books and who doesn’t. * I’m not quite sure I understand this change in Goodreads policy. I’m a page now? * Author salaries. Not a surprise. Not at all. * It’s all in how you say it. * You would think the author’s long-time partner would … [Read more…]

Springing ahead with links

* Wow. If we don’t have a word for it, it doesn’t exist? * An app for steamy romance in an “open community digital reading” place. * Even cartoonists have rules (Road Runner rules). * I wondered about this whole Harper Lee New Book thing. Looks like others wondered, too. * Terry Pratchett’s last Twitter … [Read more…]

No 50 Shades links here

Well, one. That was the fuss of the month, of course, so how could I avoid a link? * Truly, one of the stupidist obituaries ever. * And here’s a much better one for Collen McCullough (love the phrase: “reliably outspoken”) * Writing: a job or a calling? Why not both? * Now, computer proof … [Read more…]