No 50 Shades links here

Well, one. That was the fuss of the month, of course, so how could I avoid a link?

* Truly, one of the stupidist obituaries ever.

* And here’s a much better one for Collen McCullough (love the phrase: “reliably outspoken”)

* Writing: a job or a calling? Why not both?

* Now, computer proof that there are only 6 book plots in the world.

* What a sad story about the creator of the vampire stories (no, not Bram Stoker).

* Better books than 50 Shades. Not hard to find, you say?

* New Harper Lee novel. Call me skeptical, but how could this stay undiscovered for so long?

* 15 things a writer should never do (but, really, there are no rules)

* Publishers know you don’t finish a lot of books. And they don’t care. Why? They got you to buy it, didn’t they?

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