Springing ahead with links

* Wow. If we don’t have a word for it, it doesn’t exist?

* An app for steamy romance in an “open community digital reading” place.

* Even cartoonists have rules (Road Runner rules).

* I wondered about this whole Harper Lee New Book thing. Looks like others wondered, too.

* Terry Pratchett’s last Twitter posts. Pretty awesome.

* What Fabio is really thinking on those romance covers.

* Why writing is hard (for some authors. It isn’t this hard for me. It’s hard, sometimes, but I’m not a bleeder, thank Dog).

* Some indie publishing realities. Sometimes, it’s all a matter of a balance sheet.

* Worksheets for writers. Some: quite useful. Some: I don’t think I’d have the patience to do.

* Australia’s best book? About cake? I wonder…

* Straight to audio (kind of like “straight to DVD”). Interesting experiment?

* Authors behaving badly. Wow.

* Another obit for another writer (Bertrice Small) who had a lot of influence on many people.

* A good article about sticking with it to finish that book (and maybe get published?)

* ::snort:: An interesting review of the 50 Shades movie.

* Just for the fun of it: optical illusions

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