A mixed bag o’ links

I’m not sure why, but I stumbled across an eclectic mix this month …

* An interesting historical perspective for a war that had no photographs

* For those who are looking for images (of all kinds, and all free)

* What were they thinking, letting the 50 Shades author answer questions …

* Some people read too much, some don’t read at all. I think?

* An infographic about sci-fi. You need to embiggen it a lot to view, but interesting.

* Hmm. Interesting thoughts about airport design. I’ve heard of grocery store layouts, but airports?

* Imagination at work: the ultimate ad-libs in movies.

* Funny (and, yes, depressing).

* Another “must read” list, this time for Sci Fi.

* Anybody want to use their back for book advertising?

* I don’t know most of these YA authors, but it seems to me they’re making a mountain out of a molehill. Does he protest too much?

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