Last Links of the Year

* And so it begins: the 10 best books of 2015. * And here–not the “best” books but the “top” books. * Romance novels as an infographic. * A book as an app. I’m not so sure about this. * It’s not too late — great gifts for grammar geeks. * I confess I had … [Read more…]

A few end-of-the-year links are popping up

We’re starting the “end of the year, let’s look back season” already. Kind of early, sort of like Christmas coming during Halloween… * This raises some interesting questions about literature, one being: how can you write about the American experience when you don’t experience it? * How do you feel about book blurbs? I enjoy … [Read more…]

Falling into literary links

Links for autumn, gathered far and wide ….   * Do book covers matter anymore? * So-called reviewers being sued. What interesting times we live in. * Bookish tights. What’s the world coming to? * Yes, what counts as a success might surprise you … * Are ebooks on the way out? Methinks not. * … [Read more…]

Income and plot fodder

As usual: a mixed bag! * New words added to the OED. Not sure I’ve heard some of these… * Garbage collector rescuing books. Really good story. * Interesting fodder for plots, perhaps: which job has the most psychopaths? * For once, a dust-up about a book that has some good to it. * It’s … [Read more…]

Swoons, addictions, and more …

* A good article about pricing and victims (authors). * A list of “swoon-worthy” romances. I’m not sure. This might be too much swoon in one place. * Interesting how an audible experience differs from a reading experience. * Yes, all sad but true. I’ve heard most of ’em. * The mind-set list: giving us … [Read more…]