A few end-of-the-year links are popping up

We’re starting the “end of the year, let’s look back season” already. Kind of early, sort of like Christmas coming during Halloween…
* This raises some interesting questions about literature, one being: how can you write about the American experience when you don’t experience it?

* How do you feel about book blurbs? I enjoy writing them, but I know some authors cringe.

* I wonder about these word counts of Hemingway. Surely he wrote more than that, didn’t he?

* Literary feet — I like it (but I couldn’t wear most of these — too high!)

* Any NaNoists out there?

* National book awards. Once again, I am sadly lacking in knowledge of these people.

* Gifts for book lovers (hint, hint)

* The Book Year in review.

* I’ve actually read most of these — but not #1. Just can’t get into it at all.

* There are some yarns too good for my meager talents, and I fear these journals may be the same.

* Some really good gravestones here!

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