Swoons, addictions, and more …

* A good article about pricing and victims (authors).

* A list of “swoon-worthy” romances. I’m not sure. This might be too much swoon in one place.

* Interesting how an audible experience differs from a reading experience.

* Yes, all sad but true. I’ve heard most of ’em.

* The mind-set list: giving us context for what younger people experience. Interesting.

* I’m sure many authors wish they could afford to not bother with promotion.

* This book does sound offensive but I’m prone to be sensitive to books that push a religious agenda.

* Snort. How “lady authors” should promote books (in the 1960s).

* “Addictive” books. Sorry. I’ve tried reading about half and couldn’t get beyond the first chapter.

* Not a surprise. Guys get more replies to queries than women do. So blatant, though.

* A fly-through of 17th century London. A pretty dingy place.

* An interesting essay on Go Set a Watchman (a book I have not read).

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