1. Thanks, Kristi, this is really helpful to me as I take a critical look at my second draft. I’m definitely bookmarking this for my final pass through, too!

  2. Thanks Kristi – This is certainly an important point, and something for me to check within my YA manuscript before I send it out!
    Although I’m published in short stories, novels, children’s picture books and non fiction, this will be my first YA novel, and it can always be ‘improved’. I will check that I have the right balance between the two ‘romantic’ protagonists.
    Thank you
    Judy Lawn

  3. Some excellent points, though I might take (friendly) issue with no.2. 🙂 Surely your degree of focus on the love-angle depends on what genre of YA you’re writing? If it’s YA Romance, then it’s entirely appropriate to have the focus squarely on the romance. If you’re writing YA Dystopian, say, or YA fantasy, then the romance is relegated to second place.

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