1. I just want to say that this is a fantastic resource and helped me a lot. (I know this isn’t a very fantastic comment – but I just wanted to make sure you knew this resource is greatly appreciated).

  2. Hi Ms. Kathy!

    I loved this. The depth of the questions you asked, and in such perfect order, is enough to give anyone’s imagination a hug, and a jumpstart to go sprinting ahead. There was such subtlety – I’m sure this is going to definitely help me build my story world. ?

    I’m only a 15 year old Indian girl who’s working on her premier novel, and hopping about make sense of the wavey sparky ideas in her head. But a lovely community of writers like yourself, make me feel so grateful sometimes for all the help I get.

    Thank you! Would love to know you better.

    – Vandini Sharma

  3. […] World-building is important, even in realistic fiction (but especially so in paranormal/fantasy/dystopian novels).  You, the author, should be able to fully visualize the world you’ve placed your characters into, but you also need to be able to translate it to your readers.  Help us see the world through your characters’ eyes (but without bogging us down in extraneous details–see number 4!).  Help us understand how your characters’ world has shaped them, how it affects them and their story.  Part of what made HARRY POTTER  work so well was J.K. Rowling’s wonderfully vivid, seamless world-building. […]

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