1. There is one other thing that I consider a must-have: link(s) to the landing page of your authors’ group. Cross-marketing can be a powerful tool, especially for indie authors.

  2. I think Amy Atwell might have said this, but a Press page. You should have a Press Page with your picture and a short professional bio.

    You are SO right about the buy links.

    I agree with you about the landing page. I need to redo mine site…maybe tweak it is the right word.

    I need to bookmark this blog for helpful hints

  3. It would be easy to update your website if WordPress was more user friendly. And the new blogger. I still haven’t figured out how to do the new template feature.

    Here’s some other stuff you might want to put on your website:
    Book trailer, good content, and contact information.

  4. Jamie Kersten

    Great post, Edie. Perfect timing since I’m working on a website for myself right now. Thanks for some great advice!

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