1. Thanks so much for making this list. It is a huge help to me. I’m not so good at the revisions yet, though I do a great job catching all the typos and odd spots. Hopefully, with this printed out and taped next to my computer, I can tackle my WIP that I’ve had aging for a month now. You’ve given me the motivation to tackle it. Thanks! I look forward to reading more of your tips and knowledge. Hope all is well.

  2. Good timing on this. I’m slogging through revisions, knowing I have to make some substantial cuts and change some plot points. It seems daunting at times, but you’ve given me a good roadmap on how to do it. Thanks, Kathy.

  3. Sara, excellent on tackling your WIP (after letting it sit a bit). I make lists to help me focus, and revisions can be so overwhelming I thought this might be helpful for others too. Thanks for your comment!

  4. I liked your steps. I keep my own checklist of revision steps. Funny enough, I revise my checklist fairly often. Your post helped me clarify and expand my list. Thanks.

  5. Thanks Susan! Nothing like giving your scene a bite from a radioactive spider, is there? (okay, geektattoo showing here, I know:)

  6. This is wonderful Kathy. I have been stuck in my middle again (gee just like that is where I gain weight . . . ). This piece is helpful. My intention is to get back into my writing next week as I have scheduled at least 2 writing days a week!

    As for the middle on my body — i better get back into walking and cut down on the sugar.

    LOVE ya, julie

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