1. Hi Laura! Lovely step-by-step photos of your process. You used the logo to handle the one problem I always have in Photoshop – the edge of the nightlife picture. I’m struggling with compiling two photos. One ends up blocking out the other because of the backgrounds of each. Cutting out the edge of the photo never looks great because they are rarely straight lines!

    Also what are your favorite sites for pics?


  2. Since Laura just finished creating a book cover for me, I can attest to her creativity. I have a Romantic Suspense that I’m going to publish on Amazon, next month, and I needed something to set it off from all the other RSs out there.

    The girl is seriously talented.

  3. Dale!
    I actually use a lot of my own pics, if possible. Sites like istock and dreamstime are so huge, it can be a challenge to find what you need. Sometimes, A client will send me a photo of the location… which helps.
    Yes, the banner helps when you have two very different images. In this case, I didn’t want it to look like Nashville was on fire!! thus– the banner.
    It serves that purpose and, like I said, will be continued through the series.
    Thinking ahead when creating a cover is always good!

  4. Liz!!
    Thanks! I had fun with Mortal Deception! I like working on as many different types of covers I can.
    I’d love to do a straight suspense or mystery. And I’m dying to do a Steampunk!!!
    So if anyone out there has a Steampunk they need cover art for, I’ll give you a discount just to work on it!!!

  5. Laura, thanks for making my covers look so awesome. I love all of them, but Dragon Blues is my favorite. There is no way I could do this on my own. I can barely upload photos. You are the best!

  6. *SCHWING!* Laura is awesomeness, like totally! I LOVE my two covers and I hope she doesn’t get so much biz that she won’t have time to make my FAERIE cover . . . luckily, we hit gold by accident when she designed GNOME and the concept is in place!!

  7. Thanks, Everyone!
    Yes, it is fun to design covers AND it is very time consuming!
    But it satisfies a yen I have for art that writing doesn’t.
    Susanna. you have to be careful not to throw everything into a cover or it’ll look like a hot mess.
    and not in a good way!

  8. Wow, what a great introduction to the process! I used to use Pagemaker and a very early Digital Darkroom software, but I accept that the technology is beyond my capacity. I would much rather write the 1000 words than find ONE picture. Laura, your talent is amazing, and it’s so much fun to get this behind the scenes “how to.” Thanks for sharing.

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