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Bobbi Dumas

Bobbi Dumas, a Midwest writer, has been a romance fan since she was 12 and had to sneak romance novels out of the bookmobile under her disapproving school librarian’s nose. She is published in short fiction and non-fiction, and has a wealth of knowledge about the romance industry, even as it is changing before our eyes. A long-time member of RWA and friends with romance novelists across the country whose ranks she hopes to join soon, Bobbi’s posts will focus on writing and being published in Romance.

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  1. […] Bobbi Dumas has initiated National Read a Romance Month for August 2013. There are 93 romance writers lined up to participate. Along with these writers and several publishers ¬†there will be contests and giveaways. The grand prize is a iPad Mini and 31 Grand Central Forever e-books. […]

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