1. […] Mind mapping is a terrific way to brainstorm and organize your thoughts, which at a first glance, doesn’t sound so great for a playdate. But revise your attitude and think of mind mapping as uncovering a treasure map of discovery! Use anything from a large sheet of paper and markers to a whiteboard, to a computer program (to see my personal favorite, take a look at http://www.mindnode.com). […]

  2. […] Mind Mapping is a graphic representation of the relationship between your ideas and details that come from those ideas. Think of it as a family tree of your idea. For example if your idea involves a trip to the zoo, you would put “zoo trip” in a box at the top, from that you would draw lines to other boxes with words like “tiger”, “popcorn”, “train”, and then you would draw more lines leading to more boxes that broke those elements down even more. Under “train” might be “stroller”, “sticky seat”, “conductor”, under “popcorn” might be “salty”, “spilled”, “child”. When you are done you will have a map of words and ideas to help you keep writing. […]

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