1. I enjoyed your post. It astounds me how much self-publishing and eBooks have changed in the last three years. It actually makes me smile, because I saw this coming over three years ago, and when I discussed this with a number of published authors, they told me I was crazy – that respectable writers would never self-publish. It is an exciting time.

  2. Thanks, Anna! It really is a whole new world and still changing so fast! Actually, that so fast change would be my #1 reason not to sign with a traditional publisher right now.

  3. Good post, Lori. I liked the point about rejection. Don’t self-publish just because you are hiding from the “no.” I fear many writers are doing that exact thing, which results in a lot of mediocrity flooding the e-book world.

  4. Great post. I decided on indie publishing because after two literary agents who were unable to place my manuscripts with a traditional publisher, I was able to join forces with two other authors and create our own publishing company. That meant three times the promotional power, and so far, it has worked for us.

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