1. Jim

    Hi Lori:
    I’m reading your website b/c of the wonderful post you put up back in 2012 about preserving your italics while formatting. I dunno about you, but my Look Insides have gone wonky and I’ve had to nuke and reformat all my books. Ick

    AMS ads are super impt, esp if you’re in KU. That’s the fact, jack!
    I haven’t gotten the book your reccomended, b/c we’ve sunk the $$ into Dawson’s Ads for authors, and I think he’s covered them pretty well.

    I’m posting here b/c the Keyword searches have been made a snap for us using KDP Rocket. Nooo… I’m not involved w/ the company other than being a customer. It cuts HOURS off of setting up AMS ads. I strongly recommend it, as a way of paying you back for that great post in saving italics.

    HEY! Didja know that on that post, if you replace QQQ w/ BBB and do the same, you can salvage your BOLD? And also I put in XXX in the same manner to salvage my center text- comes in handy as hell for text messages etc in the book.
    Best Regards,

  2. I have KDP Rocket too. It is a time saver, although once you have a basic list done, it can become a pain keeping all of your keywords unique. I keep a master list in Excel and run new words against it to weed them out. KDP Rocket can create enough duplicates, that sometimes I find it quicker just to go to Amazon and mine the upcoming releases for keywords. There is also AMS for the UK now too. I just started my first ads there. And glad the italics thing was helpful! I found it pretty life-changing for me. 🙂

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