1. If I ever had enough brain cells functioning to think about writing a book. I’d like to think this would be the first line.

    I didn’t want to get out of bed, but hydrolic pressure was forcing it on me.

  2. Natasha

    I thought of a great one (if I do say so myself,) but I don’t have any time to start wan other story(about halfway don with my YA novel) but I thought someone would like to write a story on this. I hope someone uses this idea. Here it is: “The only reason I joined the army: I could get away with murdering him/ her easier.” I hope this inspired someone!????

  3. Jali

    How about…

    “I never thought I would’ve ever kissed my best friend…until today.”

    Hope it inspires!!! ?????????????????????????????

  4. Man

    How about this?

    “I never thought of kissing a girl’s feet but I had to today……”

  5. Rowan

    “I’ve always loved the scent of the ocean. The feeling of water on my skin. But it was different when you were being dragged under the surface by a creature that probobly shouldn’t even be in this world.”

    Hope you can use it!!!

  6. Pippa

    Hey, could you write one about a postman, that knows whats inside the envelope, and doesn’t want to give it to the receiver, but has to?

    Those others were good though…

  7. Bobby


    I didn’t want to give it away. I didn’t want to see her face when she saw the envelope. But I have to. Its my job. The postman.

  8. Awesomenessyojo

    When they said run. I didn’t believe them. How could I. How was it even possible.

  9. MaManmandy

    How about this?

    The room was dark and wet. The air was stale and hard to breath. And the pain in my chest told me I was still alive.

  10. Baby Bear

    How about this one? :

    It was Sunday, and there shouldn’t have been a package in the mailbox, but there it was.

  11. Robin Gillett

    I love the idea of using a random line to get a story started, but I have trouble continuing on. Am I being too critical? My stories seem to just meander around and then fizzle out. Any suggestions?

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