Springtime links: so much to choose from!

* Proofing and editing tools. Always useful.

* The secret history of the girl detective. Interesting.

* Pretty cool. Book jewelry.

* A look at some of the best-sellers — romance authors — and the bull they put up with.

* A glimpse behind the scenes of male cover models

* Sci Fi books that changed the genre.

* A problem with trying to update a book. I’ve gone through this with a book I wrote just 6 years ago. Imagine 25 years.

* When Iggy Pop can’t live off his creative endeavors, who can? Well, Nora Roberts, I suppose and …

* The power of Twitter to sell books. Who knew sports people cared so much?

* Authors who wrote only one book (but whose books were literary stars)

* Cakes and books. What’s not to love?

* Yet another “books you must read”. I wonder about some of these.

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