New links, new year

* 15 rules for creative people. Many of which I agree with.

* The eBook universe, 2010 to now. Who’s still around?

* Some great cities for writers (and New York isn’t one of them)

* I love lists like this: the 200 best American novels. Debatable, eh?

* Behind the scenes stories of some best sellers (none of which I’ve read, but, hey, it’s an interesting article)

* The effect of Kindle Unlimited on indie authors. Yep, I’ve felt the sting.

* Books that will change your life. I’m not so sure about this list…

* Best books of 2014: NPR style

* 50 best “cult” books. I confess, yes, I’ve read many.

* Yet more “Best books”, these “best books that became movies”

* Elaborate (and interesting) Victorian book covers. I have a couple of old books that look like these.

* An interesting glimpse in to poet’s life.

* James Patterson puts his money where his mouth is and hands out money.

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