Last links of the year

Happy New Year (and Happy Holidays and all that). Last links of 2014 — who knows what 2015 will bring?


* 20 great quotes from children’s books.

* Publishers Weekly Best Books of 2014. Once again, I am Out of the Loop.

* I’d quibble with this list of Sci Fi books you MUST read.

* As I suspected: many people don’t finish that best-seller. Ha!

* Novels and product placement: not a good match, IMHO, but here to stay I’m afraid.

* Beautiful lines in literature.

* Interesting book covers. Very interesting.

* TSU: another social network site. I wonder about it, though. Here’s an article about some caveats.

* How Gibson wrote Neuromancer (a book, alas, I’ve never read).

* Nifty temporary literary tattoos.

*Interesting interview with Lee Child (author of the Jack Reacher books).

* Word origins. An interesting way to look at it.

* This was fun. Test your web IQ.

* Slate’s Top 10 books of the year. Sigh. As usual, I have read none.

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