As the seasons churn …

Seems like a lot of churn lately in publishing. Here are a few links about some of it.

* Advice from Tolkein for writers.

* Are you an anxious writer? Here’s some thoughts on that.

* All writers experience this at one time or another: the BCoD.

* This is an interesting perspective on the Authors United nonsense. Content flood indeed.

*In honor of Banned Book Week: some interesting facts about what is banned today (and links to banned books in the past)

* The truth about Little House on the Prairie…interesting.

* More woes for Ellora’s Cave?

* When movies get well-known book characters wrong. I tend to disagree with many of these.

* A good interview with Stephen King about writing.

* Let’s put “wealth” in perspective (as in Jane Austen novels). Turns out, yes, Mr. Darcy was wealthy.

* How to get reviewed or featured by Amazon. Is it really so simple?

* Can writing be taught? I think it is a craft, and can be taught, but to write well, one must have talent, too.

* Sleep in the home of the literary giants. I doubt these homes look anything like the ones the authors might recognize.

* The publishing year, so far.


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