End of summer links: bookmarks that tweet, and more!

* An interesting graph on the habits of creative people. I’ve never seen it represented like this.

* Such beautiful book covers for the Tolkein books.

* Isn’t this scary — a reviewer who was sued because her review was high in the Google search lists. Yikes.

* Tell me it’s not real. A bookmark that tweets?

* And the battle over ebook pricing continues. Here’s one POV.

* Rumors galore regarding Ellora’s Cave.

* Subscription ebooks — are they for you?

* Interesting author epitaphs.

* And here’s another view of the ebook pricing brouhaha.

* Some good tips here for self-editing.

* I’ve never read (or seen) Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, but this just seems so wrong to me, anyway.

* An interesting post about how schools are failing in creativity, which may have serious backlash.

* Real book titles (from the 18th century, but still)…

* An interesting slant on copyright and its effect on popular culture.

* Read A Romance month (who knew?) Some feminist romance novels (hmm. maybe).

* A useful cheat sheet: how to portray body language in text.

* Mixing politics and poetry — not a good mix in North Carolina.

* A man’s take on the RWA conference. An interesting look.

* Romance writers mixing it up with rugby players. What a fortuitous combination!

* Another viewpoint in the Amazon vs. Hachette tug of war.

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