June Links: a mixed bag

A lot this month about romance and its lack of respect in the world. Maybe because it’s time for Beach Reads?

* A good article about why romance don’t get no respect (to quote Rodney Dangerfield)

* This is fun: guess the book from its cover — without any words on it (several links on this page to previous “games”).

* Another defense of romance. Good point: why do women have to defend their reading choices?

* Interesting quotes about feminism by authors (some of whom never heard the term “feminism”)

* Great literary put-downs. Some are gems.

* 8 literary homes you can buy — for the right price.

* More rules for writers (what not to do). Mostly true, I think.

* Good advice, whether you write erotic fiction or not.

* Oh, sad. Books dumped because of a store going out of business.

* A useful chart: how to avoid “very” in your writing

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