Almost summer links

I have an interesting mix of topics this month, some laugh-inducing, some not so much so….


* Things to know before you launch yourself into writing.

* I think my library collection says a lot, but probably not like these libraries do.

* An interesting look at Mark Twain as a role model for modern authors.

* How paperbacks transformed the reading model. Yep, they did.

* Creative bookmarks for those of you who still read paper books!

* I find this ironic, if not laugh-inducing. James Patterson talking about saving American literature.

* Hugo nominees. More books to add to my “Books to read someday” list.

* If your book is handled by Smashwords, it may show up in a library.

* Publisher’s Weekly “summer reads” books. I don’t know about these…

* I view all blurbs with skepticism because I know that few blurbers ever read the book.

* This is interesting about what it says about the New York Times and its reportage. Not all complimentary.

* Kudos to the publisher for helping a teen leap over the banned book barricade.

* Given all the Viking interest now (TV shows, etc.), this is interesting. Most so-called facts are probably wrong.

* Some harsh truths about writing as a profession.

* More on getting sued because you left a negative review. Wow.

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