Springing into links

A few interesting tidbits I picked up in my springtime travels.

* Seriously overdue library books. I mean, why bother?

* I don’t expect historical fiction to be accurate, but it’s nice when it isn’t jarringly wrong.

* Online reviewers aren’t having fun any more. I am of two minds about this, neither of which I’ll mention here. Your thoughts?

* The Pulitzer winners. Another book to add to my “I should read this” stack?

* 10 best cities in which to be a writer. Hmm.

* Impress your friends! Words that sound dirty but aren’t.

* 10 beautiful bookstores. Amazing, really.

* For you LaVylre Spencer fans out there.

* Gee. Am I a writer or just a copyist? Hmm.

* A former literary snob talks about romance. Some good points made.

* Shakespeare, in 3 easy panels.

* Rather like Book-a-minute.

* Can you tell these YA stories apart?

* Literary couples. I learned some things here. Very interesting.

* A blatant way to buy your way onto a best seller list. What next?

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