1. I’ve read your “how to” book and can recommend it highly. I was never that organized, and I’m still having to look up details when I start the next book in any of my series. Sometimes I get a surprise, such as a throwaway line in one book that meant I’d have to deal with a romantic suspense hero having a kid!

    Terry’s Place

  2. I liked reading about your journey to mystery writing, Nancy. Mine was much the same, and I have to say I’ve read your how-to book and its very good. I recommend it to everyone I meet.

  3. Thank you, Maggie, I appreciate your support for my nonfiction title. I am amazed that you can work on three series at once and all in difference genres. I’m eager to read your new paranormal mystery.

  4. Thanks for a great book Nancy. Even though I write historical fiction, everyone likes a little mystery worked in a story, and your book gave me great tips to add that to my writing.

  5. Jack

    I bought and read your book tonight. It was like having coffee with a friend so, thank you very much. (No powdered cream for me, thanks!)

    As a voracious reader of cozies, and a new writer of them (but not to writing in general), I have two questions that haunt me to distraction.

    First, how important is originality? So many cozies seem to follow a specific formula, use very similar character types, similar problems, etc., The same goes for the theme. How many more foodie books can fans handle? How many more cats or quilting themes? I want desperately to have some originality but I have to admit, it’s tough! What makes a cozy an excellent one? (Other than great storytelling, that is.)

    Secondly, and it goes along with the first question, do you find any difference in fan loyalty when it comes to the hero being male or female? Are fans more comfortable with female sleuths or is there a cry for more male protagonists?

    Given your success, I would really value your opinions.

  6. Jack, there is interest in more male sleuths as long as you stick to the genre conventions. As for originality, certain tropes are popular. It’s your characters and setting that will distinguish them from others in the same subgenre.

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