1. I totally agree.

    The bad guy is a staple of adult romance which is bad enough, but it’s a straight up crime in Young Adult romance with its audience of young women who don’t know better.

    NOTE TO GIRLS AND YOUNG WOMEN: You can’t change a bad boy. Never, ever. Period. Once a jerk, always a jerk unless he wants to change, and that’s rare.

  2. I love the sweet guys! While I sometimes like the bad boys, they’re pretty unrealistic in the fact that they ALWAYS change at the end for the protagonist. It doesn’t happen that often in real life, and like Marilynn said, when it does, it’s usually because they were already considering it.

    My favorite example of the ones you listed has to be Levi from Fangirl, but Augustus and Peeta are also great!

  3. Sara

    Thank you. Thank you SO much for writing this amazing post. I completely agree with every single word you wrote. I am bored of ‘bad boys’!

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