Holiday happenings here and there

Here’s a few stories that caught my eye in between prepping for the holidays… enjoy!

*I’ve had some bad covers in my day, but not this bad (okay. maybe this bad).

* Some possible new trends in publishing (?)

* This applies to writing, not just screenplays: characterization.

* Publishers’ Weekly “Best Books of 2013,” none of which I have probably read. In my defense, I’m too busy writing to be reading.

* Cover art tips that I think are spot on.

* Good writing tips (a few oldies but goodies here)…

* ::giggle:: Newspaper corrections, some of which are classics.

* Grammar mistakes made by those who correct grammar.

* Euw. What is on that book you borrowed from the library?

* What editors can do for you (self-published or not). Of course, a *bad* editor can be a true headache, so take with a grain of salt.

* Romance: by women, for women, reviewed by women.

* Words banned from reviews (I think I agree with this).

* Ah, the “bad sex” awards. I haven’t read any of these books, but I may try one or two just for a laugh.

* “Pinkwashing” a book to make it suitable for a child. Maybe you just shouldn’t read it yet?

* Which state matches your personality?

* I never read the Sookie series so wasn’t aware of the reaction. Interesting about a new series?

* More on Charlane Harris. I agree with this: sometimes it’s time to call it quits. Why do they keep writing?

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