Banned books and more!

Plagarism, banned books, and a self-defense pen. Something for everybody.

* If you are curious about the latest plagarism brouhaha, this site has some (long but good) explanations.

* Good self-reviews might cost you (in New York, at least). Interesting.

* In honor of Banned Book Week.

* An interesting take on reviews by a blogger/reviewer. I never look at reviews, so found this interesting.

* More on paying for reviews. Some reasoned answers here.

* The “Kobo removing porn books” brouhaha and how authors get around their requirements.

* Best worst first sentences… snort.

* Indispensible for any writer. A self-defense pen.

* ::snort:: Literary classics made over as pulp fiction.

* I find this unsettling (to say the least). Not teach women authors? Hello?

* I confess, my geeky heart is thumping at some of these ideas from Jeff Bezos (Amazon guy).

* Name the author time!

* More adults are reading for pleasure (as opposed for torture, perhaps)?

* Yet more about Goodreads’ new policy.

* And yet another blogging platform I’ve never heard of (rather like Goodreads?)

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