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  1. For some people writing is a hobby. Others are trying to discover ways to make their writings a part of their businesses. One arena where this is particularly true is as a coach, a consultant, a speaker, a trainer or a therapist. These are the people who write how-to and personal growth books. I mentor them through the process. A lot of how-to and strategy is involved, but a lot of motivation and confidence building, too.

    Because these books are a smart business move – my clients often feel guilty when they DON’T make time for writing. Why? They know once the book is finished and out there for sale, it will position them as an authority and help increase their stature and expertise in their field.

    I have a handful of ways to motivate my clients to get writing. One of them, walk inside your favorite bookseller. Scan all the books – thousands and thousands of volumes. Then say, “You know, it’s not humanly possible that EVERY ONE of these authors is smarter or a better writer than I am. Just not possible.” Then start writing again.

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