1. I find that people watching stirs my creativity, especially some place that draws large, eclectic crowds. Pro sports events, concerts, large shopping malls, street fairs, airports, even restaurants.

    One thing my wife and I do is find an interesting or unusual group of people, maybe eavesdrop on their conversation a bit, or study their body language and try to figure out what their “story” is.

    For example, a couple in a restaurant. Maybe they’re celebrating an anniversary, maybe they’re breaking up.

    Or a small group traveling in an airport. Where are they coming from? Where are they going? Why? Especially foreigners. Are they emigrating? Visiting long-lost relatives. On a business trip? Maybe that debonair looking guy with beady eyes who nervously glances around is a spy! Or a terrorist!! How’d he get past security?? Is he going to detonate some sort of bomb? Or maybe he’s FBI and he’s stalking one of the ten most wanted criminals!

    I can’t say I’ve gotten any concrete story ideas from this activity … yet … but it’s a good creativity exercise for me.


  2. Excellent ideas Chris! Even if just good for creativity, that definitely feeds into writing (at least that’s been my experience). I’m adding them to my list. Thanks!

  3. You are so right – having fun is vital! And this list of suggestions is great, but for me the best way to have fun, is to hang out with people I enjoy.

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