Eclectic Mix of Writing Links

A bit of an eclectic mix this month. My interests were darting all over the place!

* Symbols that have become words. I guess I never thought it this way.

* The best price for an ebook. I think I agree with this.

* The most well-read cities. I think the statistical gathering might be a bit suspect.

* If they can create a 3D gun, think about the possibilities. What about a 3D cover model?

* This is a neat site, that has a list of, well, topics. Updated daily.

* Cover trends: staircases, big dresses, and fences.

* This resignation letter is amazing. It has nothing to do with writing, other than it is well written and implemented. Sweet!

* I’m a woman in a high tech field, and I know lots of other women co-workers. I wonder if it’s on the wane?

* This is sad, that someone would have such an axe to grind that they’d edit a Wiki entry for another author.

* Outlines of famous novels. Since I don’t outline, I found this very interesting!

* Women novelists in their own category (but there’s an American novelist category, not American *male* novelist). Hmm.

* Regardless of what you think of this review site, this was a nice “how to write a review” post.

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