Lots of kerfluffle this month

Just when you think it’s quietening, some author raises his or her head and starts another brouhaha. It’s always something!
* Does spelling matter? Hmm, yeah, it does…

* The “slow death of the American author” — what’s your thoughts on this?

* Oh, wait. No, we’re not dying a slow death!

* And another interesting refutation of death.

* I confess,  I don’t read online news as much as I used to because I hate the ads.

* A message to book snobs (and I’ve met a few in my day!)

* Interesting critique of a book that defends romance. Bad quotes chosen?

* Here’s a whole boatload of writing tips (maybe not a boatload, but a web site full, at least)

* Inside a publishing house. Interesting video.

* Amazon bought Goodreads, and why? See the answer here.

* PubIt becomes Nook Press. Does it matter to anyone?

* News about self-publishing and market share. No surprises here?

* Some actual publishing numbers. I confess, I don’t track this very well for myself. Perhaps I should…

* Thoughts on the future of publishing. Subscription services? I am intrigued.

* Reading about writing can, indeed, become a very time-consuming pasttime.

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