Springtime Links

I am very ready for no snow and more green — and speaking of green …

* Authors buy their way into the bestseller lists.

* Always worth revisiting: what do bestseller lists really mean?

* This is interesting in 2 ways: it shows that NOTHING is private on the Internet and that some authors take themselves way too seriously.

* And more about the bestseller kerfluffle.

* Yes, booksellers have publishers over a barrel. So what else is new?

* Zombies as Grammar Teachers — so odd but so true!

* 5 reasons not to write a book. If #1 is right, then yes, they make sense.

* The best selling ebooks of 2012. No surprises here.

* The topsy-turvey world of an author: rich one day, not so much the next?

* Bodice rippers and feminism: not as far apart as you’d think?

* Author platform building (branding, really). It’s tough. Duh.

* 25% of best sellers are self-pubbed? Some impressive stats here. For a select few…

* Yes, I’d be unhappy if a print book had more content than an online one. Really?

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