The links keep rolling along

I was distracted this month, so my link collection might be sparse. But there may be a few gems in there to keep you entertained.

* Top 10 reason to self-publish. Most are self-evident, I think.

* ::snort:: Typos in tattoos. Oops!

* The realities of genre publishing. Looks like not much has changed.

* I followed some of those links quoted in the above article. Here’s more reality.

* And more. I guess those old words of advice are true: don’t quit your day job.

* Short fiction: more now than before? Maybe not.

* Love books? You might like one or two of these places.

* Giggle. Meet the Rules of the Internet.

* Thank you, Tim O’Reilly, for telling publishers to work on stuff that matters. Word.

* What bookstores aren’t doing for their customers. Yep, I agree with a lot of this.

* A lot of what Joe says here makes sense on how to sell ebooks. It really is out of your hands, but some of it is within your control.

* Info about small publishers. The future of the industry?

* Common grammatical errors (and how to fix them). Some useful info here.

* An interesting survey on reading trends in 2012 from a digital site.

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