1. Excellent post, Kathy. Good critiquing is so easy to preach, so hard to do. I pride myself on being “positively honest” when I critique. My critique grades back up claim. (CritiqueCircle.com requires a writer to give crits in order to receive crits, and every crit is graded by the receiving writer.)

    I hope my critiquers do the same for me, but I haven’t found nearly as many who walk the walk as well as talk the talk. Thanks for reminding us how to critique properly and effectively.

  2. I’ve been with the same critique group for a number of years. We meet facee-to-face and read our chapters aloud while everybody follows along on their own copy. We came to the conclusion in there somewhere that the author may have questions of her own about her chapter, and she needs to tell us what they are. As in, am I making the character’s motivation clear enough? Can you “see” the action in this section? Did I get her emotions right? The questions focus on what you as the author need to know, and the group cannot/will not always come up with the answers if you don’t ask. We put the questions on the pages at the beginning or the end, depending on what seems best. Happy critiquing!

  3. Hi Chris, it sounds like you are one of those wonderful critiquers who get out of critiquing as much as they give. “Positively honest” is a perfect way to put it and to critique 🙂 Thanks Chris!

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