Colorful autumn links

Okay, maybe they aren’t so colorful, but hey, it’s autumn here in North America, so the links should be colorful, too, right?

* I’m pretty I could read and review more than 20 books a year. Am I missing something?

* I’ve been around since before there was an Internet. The evolution of it continues to amaze me. Anonymity? It’s never been possible on the web. Trust me.

* In honor of Banned Book Week, a look at some famously banned books.

* Genre fiction and ebooks … best friends?

* Talk about a copyright nightmare …

* How cover art is created, from a cover artist. Interesting!

* More on banned books — some surprises in this list, that’s for sure!

* Oh, this is fun — a phrase site!

* How do you find out about new books? Me, I see them mentioned somewhere, I put them on my TBR list, then I go scope them out online. Can’t remember the last time I was in a bookstore.


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