1. Si Lee

    Hello Lori, thank you for sharing. U help me so much in idea to create my own ebook. But it would be more interesting if u can post the tutorial with image included.

  2. Thanks Lori,

    This is very helpful and I have now managed to create an ebook. Can I ask how you then download said book onto my laptop, or upload it to my WordPress site?



  3. I came upon your site a few times today, so maybe you have an answer.
    I am formatting an epub for Smashwords (already uploaded there). However, my toc and hyperlinks are not working.
    I am at my wits end trying to get Calibre to include bookmarks, hyperlinks.
    Toc is listed okay.
    With hyperlinks, a series of coded links is on the right side. I cannot tell what they are, so I don’t know what to choose at this point.
    Is there an easier way to get the hyperlinks in?
    I used your clue about h1 and h2 but still they are not popping up.
    Thanks for listening.
    Marie 🙂

  4. Ken Gridley

    I am quite new to creating epub docs for my Ipad. I have a master doc I created in MS Word on my PC then used Calibre to convert it to html with the master doc having references. I would like to click on the reference and have it take me to the source material. Is this possible in Calibre?

    I have Googled it and no one that I can see has addressed this issue.
    Thanks for anything you can do.

    Ken Gridley

  5. I’m not sure I understand your question. Is the source material online? If so, then yes. Just link to it in the original Word document. The links should hold.

  6. Nancy Foster

    I skimmed through this article and decided to tweak the Word Document first. The first thing to understand with kindle is that it isn’t the same as reading a pdf file (Don’t know what it’s like to use the Nook or Apple ebooks, only speaking for experience with kindle). In kindle the app shows a third of your Word page. The program does this out of simplicity because some people will view it on a smartphone and other on a tablet. Kindle even allows you to read a kindle book on your computer. We all know different machines have different screen sizes so once you get the hang of this autoreformat trait you sort of like it.
    The problem?
    Well, perhaps you have 20 chapters in your book and you want to make a functional table of contents. I tried with the Kindle converter program via pdf but my index hyperlinks didn’t work (not to mention I now had to alternate between scrolling vertically AND horizontally on the kindle) so I decided to give Calibre a try. Before you pass the file to Calibre select the 100% of your doc file and change text to “Normal” so that it reformats to MOBI as smoothly as possible. Some of your text will go haywire so scrub up the weird text sizes, center your Chapter numbers and make it look nice. You will then have to keep the text as close as possible, align tables and paragraphs. If you have hyperlinks you must redo them from scratch from their new position and when it’s all said and done save the file to html format.
    Open calibre, select the html format, select the options in the converter including a nice font and then convert. The software has a previewer that will show you what the MOBI file looks like. Check to see the text is a nice size, the hyperlinks work and everything is peachy. You can then upload to kindle!
    BTW: I’m new to this as well and learning everyday and this is so exciting!

  7. Thank you for the great step guide you listed. I wanted to ask. Would there be anyone who could help me with my book? I have everything wrote, but just need it formatted to epub, as well as for amazon. I need help do to me using a screen reader, and things don’t read that well for me, and I can’t see the screen to well being blind. If anyone would help me please email me. johnny@johnnyestep.com. If anyone could help me I would be so very greatful.

  8. Erica Tinfena

    Hi everybody!After having finished to write with calibre, how can I put the ebook on websites such as amazon and “sell” it? Thanks

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