1. I used to have total quiet and the house to myself to write. Now that my husband is home all day, I’ve miraculously learned how to work with him not just in the house, but often times in the same room. I guess, where there’s a will there’s a way.

  2. My husband and I (both authors) share an office. We each have a desk at opposite ends of the room and seem to manage well with that. In the past, we both worked in cubicles, perhaps that is why we can work in a shared space.

    For us, time is more important then location. He is a late night writer, when the house is quiet; I, on the other hand, am more productive early mornings and during the day.

    Finding space and time is paramount. Each author must find both.

  3. My writing place is that zone in my head. It may take a few minutes to get there, but then I’m off. I can work in utter chaos, well-taught from when I had to write copy for an advertising/marketing firm in the production bull-pen. (Note: graphic artists are not quiet!) They would laugh at me because once in the zone, I didn’t hear a word they said, even zingers directed right at me!

  4. Julie, that is a great point! If writing is important enough in a person’s life, it will find a way no matter what! So good to hear a story of “adaptation” 🙂

  5. Jane, what an interesting configuration! I love the thought of two authors sharing space:) My husband and I share a basement studio (his side music–my side, stained and fused glass)but I am lucky enough have my own office. I’m with you, time of day varies by writer and my creative writing time is definitely in the morning!

  6. Linda, how wonderful that you can access your zone like that. My husband worked in an ad agency, and now he is a writer in a creative department and he, like you, has an off button for chaos surrounding him. How funny that you didn’t even hear direct zingers–what terrific focus! That is an excellent skill to have! Keep hold of it 🙂

  7. I’m currently in Mexico, happy to sit and tap away after an early morning walk and a swim. For me, exercise and a connection with nature (i.e something bigger than me) first thing in the morning enhances my productivity enormously!

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