1. In the silence, a bird tweets outside.

    It’s a nice day.

    It has been a while since I wrote.

    …but I discovered a new webcomic.

    And there are a few blog posts to go.

  2. Advice to A Writer —


    We want to traverse the Unknown with a map–
    We want to know what to expect,
    or to whom we will meet up with.
    But how our mistakes will leave a trail
    that gives way to something new,
    or the greening along the path
    reminds us of something
    we might return to

    Maybe there’s a place that asks you to
    share a poem or song in order to receive a meal,
    or a good story might do:
    You start in the middle and go from there.
    Everything else will follow,
    the same way life follows light.

    As you walk on everything comes towards you.
    You must offer up your poem, your song,
    or you story
    to be known. Forget your name.
    Some will glance up from their lunch,
    most won’t.

    But you repeat your favorite phrase,
    over and over to the greening stranger,
    like the chickadee or crow at dawn
    and something beyond your glance

    by Julie Tallard Johnson, 2012

  3. Navinnath

    Writing I should say is one of the greatest gift to humans. I used to suffer from anxiety, fear and depression. Then I found a solution called meditation to control my mind to help it relieve from its fear , anxiety and depression. Even lately I found a more elegant and simple solution called writing. It is while writing I completely forget my worries and problems. I think writing is so simple to practise that you just need to know a language to write. It is not necessary that you need to have great ideas and inspiration to write. Guess what I started writing ? I have started writing everything I know about myself and my family from my childhood. It might be a simple and silly thing but it works like a charm in calming my mind and helping me listen to my inner self.
    I felt obliged to writing to share this.

  4. Navinnath, that is a great comment and wonderful advice for anyone. Writing is simple in its power to do so much for us. Fill a gap, connect us to spirit, calming our internal “nagging” voice, give us purpose. I too am calmed and connected to my inner self through writing. Thank you for sharing that!

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