A very mixed bag this month …

I’m always surprised by the way my mind darts about and what I find interesting.

* There’s been a lot of talk about image copyright violations on blogs. Here’s a nice summary of the issue.

* I’m a big supporter of libraries, but I wonder about this article…

* While this is interesting (learning from reading), I’m not sure I have ever read a book that changed my life. Have you?

* The NYTimes weighs in on the New Publishing Way.

* Are ebooks a genre thing? I’m not so sure …

* I’m a modestly adept technogeek, but this epic hack goes beyond anything I could imagine. Thank heavens I’m not totally cloud-bound.

* Uh, Apple — you may want to fix that security leak?

* DRM again … really, isn’t that so 20th century? Wise up, publishers, and lay off the authors already!

* I’m out of touch with YA books, but this looks off, even to me …

* Yes, a lot of spots are knee-jerk “Love it” reviews, but there are still a few honest sites out there. Maybe that’s why people protest criticism? They’re not accustomed to it?

* The favorite books of some authors — interesting list. I don’t read as much as I’d like. I would love to revisit some old friends.

* I find it hard to believe someone thinks everyone in publishing is non-essential, especially a keynote speaker?

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