1. Good post, Lori. Point 4 is tricky for me, maybe for most writers. I tend to impose my “worldview” upon my characters rather than give them their unique perspective.

    My one tip to offer is that on a very fundamental level, have male characters think more in a facts-first, emotions suppressed mode, and female characters on an emotions-first, facts- secondary mode. Not to stereotype characters, because you work out from there to create individuals, but start there because I think that is a true, fundamental difference between males and females, with exceptions certainly noted and allowed for.

  2. Danielle

    I could be wrong but Third Person Omniscient is still quite common today. Otherwise, great post.

  3. Danielle

    Correction: I’m confusing Third Person Omniscient with Third Person Limited with a Shifting Point of View.

  4. Chris, I totally agree. When I write male characters I always give them fewer words to say the same thing a female character will use more for.
    Danielle, I may have confused you by saying Third Person Close instead of Limited. It’s the term I first learned and it has stuck with me. 🙂

  5. Gloria

    Thanks for the article. I have always confused some of the POVs for instance the first and last one. Very clear now.

  6. Kenzie

    Love this article. Thanks for writing this.
    One question, though. Is it fine to switch between two people’s point of view when doing the first person POV.

  7. Kenzie, pretty much everything is fine if you do it well. 🙂 You even see two first person POVs – with each character getting their own chapters. That definitely falls in the “have to do it well” category though. And isn’t something I recommend to do just TO DO.

  8. Lisa M. Scuderi-Burkimsher


    POV always confused me, but your article is the best one I’ve read in understanding the different pov’s. I like to write in first person pov or third person limited/close pov.

    If there is more than one main character in a novel, than it is okay to shift pov’s?

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