A random collection of links

The randomness reflecting my bouncing attention this month, I guess.


* Books that shaped America. As with any list, I have a few quibbles with the selections.

* A documentary about the romance industry. Interesting choice of people to use in the film, I thought.

* Your ebook is reading you. Yep, it is.

* I heartily agree. I’ve had books release with typos and I cringe, but I’ll fix those few typos, not re-do the whole damn book.

* I think this is worth reading from Nora Ephron, who really was a pioneer in women’s fiction.

* Thank you (Salon) for interviewing someone who knows about “Mommy porn.”

* This bugs me (‘spicing up’ the classics). I mean, I know I took the Oz books and made my own story, but this … doesn’t feel right to me.

* Books with disappearing ink … why?

* I like the karma aspect of this (I was turned down by Dorchester but I published the book on Amazon, where it’s doing very well, thank you).

* How the Wild West really looked …. very cool pictures.

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