1. Hi Michael – great interview! Do you offer the service of formatting books to Create Space from a mobi file? If so, what do you charge and do you make the wraparound cover from the existing e-book jpeg cover?

  2. Hi Sophia, I asked Michael and he didn’t know what Create Space was. LOL He looked it up, though, and he thinks you probably could upload a standard Mobi file. I didn’t ask him about the cover. Probably someone on IRI could answer.

  3. Michael
    was just about to dive into Sigil when I saw this article on Twitter. Lucky me!!!
    I have a MacBookPro and an iPad. Can Legend Maker work on both?

    PS M.A.S. is right. You need to charge more. Double would barely dent your sales IMO

  4. Ian, I emailed Michael and told him your questions (plus your comment about charging more, lol). He said if anyone has questions they can go to ZappTek and email him through the contact page.

    Good luck! I’d love to use the Legend Maker, but I’d have to buy a Mac and then learn how to use it… That’s not going to happen for a while, if ever.

  5. Hi Edie! The link in the comment above didn’t work. Where can we contact Michael if we’re interested in him doing formatting/conversion for a manuscript?

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