A busy month for links

For some reason, I found a lot of fun things this month (fun being a relative term, of course!)

* Using an e-reader to hide one’s reading preferences. Interesting ….

* Historical fans — a real voucher for Almack’s, from Back In The Day. Wow. Preserved all this time.

* You know, this is right. Libraries are forgotten when talk abounds about publishing.

* For those who love statistics: lots of them! All about self-publishing and who earns and why. Enjoy!

* And more statistics about self-publishing! Hot off the press!

* And more regency stuff. I don’t read historicals, but for those who do: fun things!

* Seriously? Masquerading as Nora Roberts? Don’t you know how foolish that is?

* You know, he’s right: I don’t know (or care) who the publisher is of a book that I like. Wake up, publishers!

* I like this analysis of “the old days” to now and how we forget there were so few places to buy books (back then).

* I enjoy seeing snide reviewers called to task. ::Chuckle::

* This surprised me. Ebook revenue has just now surpassed print. I thought it happened a while ago.

* ::snort:: Greatest. Rejections. Ever.

* Holy erotica, Batman: other books that might surpass Fifty Shades (we knew they were out there, but to see a list!)

* Evil Amazon empire… some of which is probably true and some of which matters

* Love this look at the journals of the writerly and the famous.

* Discouraging words for self-pubbed authors ….

* Dorothy Parker, I tend to agree with you (heh)

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