Links Ahead!

I guess I was more alert this month — I found quite a few interesting items! Have a relaxing weekend (in the U.S.) pursuing some of these stories …

* The price fixing lawsuit info makes my eyes cross. This was somewhat helpful to explain what’s going on.

* Love it! Real men posing for covers!

I agree with all of these (books that should be banned). And I might add a few more, given the chance.

* Very good advice about keeping financial goals and writing goals separate.

* Recipe for a best selling book. Really?

* Blog plagiarism is apparently rampant. I find it amazing that someone needs to copy a blog post. I mean…seriously?

* Serious authors, funny poses. Yes, they are human.

* More (background) about the blog-copying

* The most read books in the world. In a nifty graph. Interesting where Harry Potter falls…

* I’m with you, sister. I’m sick of those smoldering covers.

* What makes a great historical novel? I think this is nit-picky, myself…

* I think this would be fun — read a classic movie!

* I’m sorry that authors and agents are still sniping about Indie vs. traditional publishing. Let’s all try to play nicely?

* I’ve always written at least 2 books a year, so this one came as a surprise to me: authors upset about that? Hello?


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