1. Thank you once again for these helpful reminders and written in a way that isn’t scary. 🙂 The voice of my protagonist is coming through more and more, now and again i think, “I wouldn’t say that!”

    You’re a gem of a resource and i shared this with others. julie

  2. Thank you Julie! Don’t you just love it when your protagonist’s voice takes over? That is writing feels like something bigger than me and a place I love to be 🙂

  3. Fascinating, thank you!

    I have been a curious student of charisma for many years, and it seems to me that we are magnetically drawn to people who are deeply connected with and quietly accepting of their inner workings and traits/gifts. Inside, they honor themselves first, and that leaks through into all they do.

    It sounds like we need to (1) know who our characters are, especially in terms of their inner values and personal philosophy or ideals/morals. Then (2) have them make choices and react naturally in ways that expose their INNER workings, especially (memorably) when at odds with the outside, contradicting:

    – how they (claim to) think of themselves,
    – the stated goals or rules they hold,
    – the apparent danger of their decision,
    – typical behavior expected in polite company.

    Lots of food for thought, thx!

  4. Terrific thoughts Daria, and your points give lots to think about! I love when a character thinks one thing on the inside, but acts in a different way on the outside, showing a “mask” to the world—who they want the world to see vs. who they really are inside. Makes for some fascinating character dilemma and gives the reader even more insight into who they are through how they want to be seen and therefore act.

    Sort of true in real-life too, isn’t it?

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