1. Very helpful post, Kathy. I’m a fairly new writer, and one of the things I struggle with is making sure I know my characters well enough to write them. As I start writing, I feel like I know them in my head, but when I have them answer these types of questions, I realize I don’t know them as well as I thought. And that not knowing could lead to characters who aren’t fully developed, which could lead to a book that’s less than what I would want. So, thanks for the reminder! Sophia

  2. You are welcome, Sophia. Developing characters is one of my favorite parts, and I find the more I dig into them with questions, the more ideas they give me which helps with the daily writing! Thanks for your comments:)

  3. LOL–maybe because a job can feel like a black spot in real life? I have to force thinking about what they do for a living too, Louise, but it helps me round them out, plus gives me ideas for scenes. If I can see them at work, I can see the entirety of their lives. And I’m sure to give them way more interesting jobs than mine!

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