1. This was very helpful. I’m starring a new series. I want it to be YA. These Do’s and don’t’s really help. Now, if you could tell me if first person or third person is more effective to the YA fans that would be great, lol.

    Thank you,

  2. So glad you found it helpful, Abby-Rae! As far as POV in YA, both 3rd person and 1st person are used–though I’d say 1st is used for frequently. It’s really up to you! Use whichever POV you think works best for your particular story! Things I’d consider: Are their multiple protagonists whose story you’d like to give equal balance to? If so, perhaps 3rd person is best (alternating between their POVs). If it’s really one person’s story/journey, and you think it would be more effective to put readers directly into the protagonist’s head, then go with 1st.

  3. Thanks for these tips–always great to keep in mind. I started a YA for NaNoWriMo and plan on getting back into it and finishing it this winter.

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