1. Great article! I am constantly irritated by the misuse of “me” and “myself.”

    What about the institutionalized misuse of “me?” I see it a lot in titles, best example: Marley & Me. Or my cell phone: In texting, it prefaces my messages with “me.”

  2. Rachel

    Yeah, I think part of the reason this bugs me so much is that it’s become SO widespread.
    I mention in the article my pet peeve about people using longer words to sounds smarter, but, ironically, some of the misuse of “me” is because people think “I” sounds too pretentious! Sigh.
    Thanks for the comment!

  3. Rachel

    Good question, Austen. If I use your example as-is, I’d pick “me” instead of myself. (Pluralize it: I made coffee for “us.”)
    If you wanted to use “myself,” and this is one case where you definitely can, I would amend the sentence slightly to “I made coffee for ‘my’ dad and myself.” That way the two of you remain equal, grammatically.

  4. Austen

    Interesting with the pluralizing! Thanks for that handy trick.

    The real sentence was “Kyle and me”. A published tech writer is saying that “Kyle and me” is correct but I can’t find any backup for it.

  5. Austen

    Ok, Chicago (15th ed.) section 5.50, #3 says “If a prepositional phrase contains more than one object, then all the objects must be in the objective case {…send an invitation to him and me}.” However, that doesn’t solve the reflexive issue. There’s also a piece (not in Chicago) on dative verbs: “Reflexive pronouns can be used with dative verbs if the subject (agent) is the same person as the object (receiver). Dative verbs take an indirect object: He gave himself (obj.) a break (indirect obj.); and may use a preposition: He made a sandwich for himself. / He sent a letter to himself.”

  6. Jolissa

    If my sister took a picture with her son and wrote a caption for it would the correct grammar be “me and Branson?”

  7. Rachel

    Jolissa, it would indeed be “me and Branson.” (Remember the trick about pluralizing: It’s a picture of “us” not “we.”

  8. Susannenbecker

    I wish more people ASKED this question! I listen to CNN for news mostly, and myself has become a regular substitute for me! Drives me crazy. And they’re journalists!

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